As a person from a multi-religious country, I always have respected other religions. Religion is a way to seek inner peace and to get emotional support. Religion should not be a divisive factor among humans. Some preachers often make us believe that our faith is more remarkable than others and to love it more than fellow human beings. Is this the right way to live???

Many Indian Millenials still carry the same thought process as their predecessors. People are fed with wrong thoughts and hate by our leaders, and with technology, it’s getting easier day by day. Currently, a party with a strong religious affiliation is ruling India. Is it wrong for a political party to have a religious affiliation for a secular country? With such a strong religious affiliation, can a political party do justice to a country with over a billion citizens following various faiths without any bias? Lately, a train of divisive, socially discriminatory policies, accompanied by religious discrimination and fear, were being proposed, and the unity and integrity of the country have started falling apart.

In the 21st century, People still lack the freedom to eat and pray in the way they would like. In India, there are about 64 million beef eaters, and it’s their right to consume the food they prefer. mobs in the name of religion cannot target individuals for their food preferences. It’s unfortunate that even supreme court decisions are driven based on the faith of the ruling party. In a secular country, refugees are given fast track citizenship based on religion. What would you say if the same thing happens to NRI’s living in different countries were given citizenship based on faith??

In the age of social media, it’s effortless to manipulate our way of thinking with hate. In an era where a commercial ad conveying unity was misinterpreted and used as a weapon to fill people with hate and create fear. We are forcing companies and individuals to rethink their ideologies and fear for their lives. This incident gave me chills realizing how polarized we have become in our country. With the power of media, hate mongers are not only creating an impression among citizens but also creating a global image for the nation. India’s neighboring states and allies are watching internal drama and expressing their disgust. A country once known for its liberal and secular thoughts is being pointed for discrimination and made foreign investors from certain countries to rethink.

It’s easy to sell stories than facts. Daily, we hear many stories; as an educated grown person, one should be able to analyze their sentiment with rationality before expressing, especially if it’s hate. If we start separating our brothers and sisters based on faith and caste, this will only create more damage. Minorities will lose respect for their country. They will begin migrating to different countries with this goes talent, money, culture, friends, and family. No religion preaches violence. A religious group cannot be blamed for antisocial behavior caused by one individual from that particular group or for the actions of their ancestors. While we are saying “athithi devo bhava” to a foreigner, how can we disrespect one from our home??

People often forget that many national security operations were successful only because people from minority groups didn’t discriminate against themselves from other religions. They considered themselves as Indian first.

It will be easy for anti-national groups to influence people affected by irrational policies and actions created by hate mongers. We should not forget our history of being ruled by the British for 200 years. A foreign country was able to rule India only because it lacked unity. What is the point if we don’t learn from our history? In the current situation where neighboring countries are warmongers and trying to ruin India in every possible way, is this the kind of thought process we should develop?

A political leader might be ruling today and maybe losing tomorrow. However, one wrong step can create huge irreversible damage to an entire nation. As long as we show our support without rationality and don’t question irrational acts, there will be no change. Be an Indian before affiliating yourself with religion think from a broader perspective, question your thoughts avoid hate mongers start listening to prominent neutral figures. Do not fear to question yourself or question others, which will be possible only when we put humanity over faith.

As a citizen, if we lose integrity and forget our country’s core values, there will be long-term damage. This doesn’t apply to only ruling political party but goes for any party that’s trying to spread hate and create borders in the name of religion.